Salty Locals was started as a vehicle to showcase our art in a sustainable product that could be used by everyone.  

We are world travelers with a passion for the ocean, art, being active and living sustainably.  

We work with a sustainable manufacturer who pays their employees living wages and does business ethically.

Buying a towel from us means supporting a small business and reusing plastic waste which otherwise would end up in a landfill.

We make small quantities of each style and only make as much as we think will sell to avoid waste from unsold products polluting the environment.

Our towels are versatile and will work for any activity; from surfing, to camping, to yoga, to the gym and more. We wanted to create a premium product that fit every activity and looked good doing it.  We strive to create high quality products that are universally useful.

Our eco friendly towels are designed at our headquarters in Los Angeles. Made with post consumer recycled plastic bottles.